Dylan Reischman's leg, 3 other most gruesome MMA injuries of 2023 (VIDEO)

4 of the worst injuries of the year.

Dylan Reischman
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Vinicius Cruz's ear exploded (ACA 166)

Please be warned, the video below is extremely graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

During the ACA welterweight grand prix, Edil Esengulov and Vinicius Cruz faced off in St. Petersberg, Russia. Everything was going as planned until the fourth round, and then it looked like a horror movie.

Esengulov was in Cruz's guard landing elbows and ground and pound when a perfectly timed strike popped open Cruz's cauliflower ear spraying blood everywhere.

When Cruz got to his feet, his ear was hanging on for dear life, forcing the fight to end and Esengulov won by TKO. Like a typical fighter, Cruz wanted to keep fighting.

There's been no update on his ear that we can tell, but we'll update this if and when we hear something (no pun intended).