Dylan Reischman's leg, 3 other most gruesome MMA injuries of 2023 (VIDEO)

4 of the worst injuries of the year.

Dylan Reischman
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This is MMA. Injuries happen every single day. Fighters get cuts, break bones, and tear ligaments fairly often. That doesn't mean we are used to it.

2023 wasn't the biggest year for major injuries, not if you compare it to last year's leg breaks. But there were still a few injuries that stick out in our minds and make us cringe over and over again.

The four injuries come with extreme content warnings, proceed at your own risk.

Dylan Reischman’s brutal leg snap (Combate Global)

Please be warned, the video below is extremely graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

Dylan Reischman will live in the hall of fame of the absolute worst injuries of all time. The pro kid was making his professional debut at Combate Global on Sept. 2, 2023.

In the second round of his fight with Jaime Mora, his leg was pinned underneath him and snapped in an ungodly way. The injury was so brutal that his opponent even covered his eyes and cried at the sight.

Despite the horrific injury, Reischman seemed in good spirits. On Sept. 4, two days removed from the injury, he posted this update to his Instagram:

"Best sport in the world. I love this game. Competing is apart of who I am and I’ll never give up being a competitor. I got incredibly lucky all things considered. A broken femur could’ve been a lot worse than just a new fancy rod in my leg. I start my physical therapy today and I’m going to attack my recovery with even more intensity than I do in the cage. This isn’t the end but just the beginning and I hope you guys stick around for the ride. God bless everyone and thank you guys for all the support and well wishes. It really means a lot and has made accepting this a lot easier. I’m still trying to respond to everyone if I haven’t yet I’m sorry, I’m still making my way through the dms. I’ll be back stronger than ever, I promise. At 21 this is just a minor setback which is gonna pave the way for an epic comeback. Nothing but respect to my opponent @jaimemora he was a class act all the way from weigh ins to after the fight and I’m glad I got to share the cage with a real martial artist."

Unfortunately, there hasn't been a post from Reischman since.