Dricus Du Plessis absolutely killed it on The Masked Singer

Dricus Du Plessis was unveiled on the hit TV show The Masked Singer.
Dricus Du Plessis
Dricus Du Plessis / The Masked Singer

UFC middleweight champion Dricus Du Plessis has been living the high life since defeating Sean Strickland and becoming UFC champion at UFC 297. Du Plessis is so famous in his home country of South Africa that he was a surprise guest on the hit TV show The Masked Singer.

In case you haven't seen the American version, the show puts celebrities in elaborate costumes and has them sing and dance. A panel of judges has to try to guess which celebrity is behind the costume.

Du Plessis appeared as the Wildebeest on the show and sang

"It just seemed like so much fun and you know I love music," he said on the show. "I sing in the shower. I sing a lot in the car. So I thought, let's go sing."

The show shared clips of one his performances, singing "Counting Stars" bu OneRepublic and he did amazing. Who knew he could sing and fight?

Watch the moment he was unveiled below.

Dricus Du Plessis might fight Israel Adesanya later this year

Right now Du Plessis is not currently booked for his first title defense but some thoughts about a future opponent are former champion Israel Adesanya or the winner of the Sean Strickland vs. Paulo Costa fight which takes place this Summer.

Before Adesanya abruptly retires after his loss to Strickland, he was thought to have faced off with Du Plessis and seemed keen on the idea. “I feel that would be one of the most important fights in sporting history – I mean that when I say history,” Adesanya said before Du Plessis was replaced with Strickland. “I’ll see how I feel. Because time keeps on ticking. Time waits for no man.”

Now it's up to Adesanya to decide when he's ready to come back to fighting and if he'll fight Du Plessis for the title or ask for a tune-up fight instead. For all we know, Adesanya may never come back. Until the UFC announces something, we'll just have to wait.


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