Dillon Danis claims he's 'bigger' than Sean O'Malley, won't do DWCS (Video)

Dillon Danis doesn't want to fight on DWCS or The Ultimate Fighter.
Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis / Jane Havsy/Daily Record

MMA free agent, Dillon Danis is interested in fighting in the UFC but won't take the Dana White's Contender Series route like many have suggested.

“I’d rather retire, bro,” Danis said on The MMA Hour. “I’m not Sean O’Malley, I’m bigger than him. I have the most followers than any welterweight in all of MMA.”

DWCS is essentially a job interview where fighters compete for a chance at earning a UFC contract. It's how O'Malley entered the UFC but it's not something Danis is interested in.

It's been four years since Danis competed in MMA and he's coming off a DQ loss to Logan Paul in the boxing ring in October.

Another option for Danis would be The Ultimate Fighter, a reality TV show where fighters compete in a tournament style to earn a UFC contract. Danis is only interested if he's one of the coaches, not a contestant.

“[I wouldn’t do it] unless I’m a coach with Paddy [Pimblett],” Danis said. “Imagine how many views that does.”

After refusing several scenarios, Danis did agree he'd be open to fighting Pimblett at UFC 300 if his friend and teammate Conor McGregor headlined the card.

“100 percent, let’s do it — but I really don’t care,” Danis said. “Any of them. I’m going to tell Dana White that. I don’t care who it is. Just give me anybody, and if they don’t do it, I can just retire and chill."

He continued, “[I’ll fight Paddy, and if he loses] I’ll fight Tony Ferguson. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I think that would be such an easy fight though, I’d kind of feel bad beating a guy that’s on [such a long] losing streak. He’d be on a one-fight winning streak then, but I think Paddy is so bad. He’s terrible. Just go watch him, he almost lost to Jared Gordon [and] Jared Gordon’s terrible. He did lose to Jared Gordon. Jared’s not good.”

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