Derek Brunson responds to steroid comments after PFL debut win (Photo)

Derek Brunson has addressed the PED's rumors.

Derek Brunson
Derek Brunson / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Ahead of Derek Brunson's PFL debut, fans took to Twitter to speculate he was using performance-enhancing drugs now that he's left the UFC. Many took a photo of him in his PFL gear versus his UFC gear as an example to support their case.

Now that Brunson's made his debut (and won) he's taken to Twitter to respond to those comments.

"PFL vs UFC physique," he tweeted. "I saw the debates online Steroid / PEDs or natural. Answer : never took any steroids or peds ever . Attention to details , no sodas , no chips , no candy , 10-15 miles of running for 10-12 weeks . The motivation was different !"

Many fans don't realize but the PFL uses USADA, the same drug testing agency that the UFC has used for years, so if Brunson is juicing, we'll soon find out.

Brunson fought Ray Cooper III who missed weight for their bout and earned a dominant decision win over the former PFL champion. After the fight he called out Jake Paul who signed with the promotion but has not made his MMA debut yet.

“I came here to ball, where the hell is Jake Paul?” Brunson said during his in-cage post-fight interview. “I came for the big fights. I want to put PFL on the map. They showed faith in me, brought me over here, signed me, and I want to put on a show for the fans.”

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