Deontay Wilder calls Andy Ruiz Jr. 'A boxing sex slave'

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder candidly discusses his situation with Andy Ruiz Jr.

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The social media exchanges between former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) and former unified champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (35-2, 22 KOs) continue to escalate. It’s something that has been brewing for the last couple of weeks.

Finally, on Monday night, Wilder posted a video on his official Instagram account with the following caption “Stop playing around @andy_destroyer13 and be a man and make your own decisions and not allow your daddy to mess up your last few years ..."

This prompted Ruiz Jr. to reply to the post with “Let's goo,” and it began the social media chatter of a potential fight between the two becoming a reality. That Wilder post came after a phone call between Wilder and Team Ruiz, which includes his father, Andy Ruiz Sr. According to Ruiz Sr., who spoke to ProBoxTV, Wilder offered them a deal that would see the former WBC champion have a distinct upside which Ruiz later described to Izquirdazo Box as a “70-30” split.

Something he felt was unfair to his son, who is a former unified champion and felt the fight was more of a 50/50 one. Once the “50/50” statement made its rounds on social media, fans were not shy about expressing their displeasure with such a comment. Whether Ruiz Jr. deserves a 50/50 split with Wilder is something that only those within Premier Boxing Champions know with the analytics they keep on both fighters.

With such outcry on the internet about Ruiz Sr.'s comments, an interview with Wilder by 78SPORTSTV on YouTube was posted. The former heavyweight champion spoke candidly about the situation and even mentioned things he had never discussed.

According to Wilder, one of those things was a fight between the two that was signed prior to Ruiz Jr. being called for the first Anthony Joshua fight, where he shocked the world. According to Wilder, Ruiz Jr. was about to be evicted from his apartment and was allowed to fight Joshua after Wilder gave the ok for him to do that, even though they had a signed deal to fight each other. Wilder feels he did Ruiz a favor and his father (Ruiz Sr.) shouldn’t be demanding the things he is for a fight to be made.

The verbal wars between Deontay Wilder and Team Ruiz continue as the insults become more pointed

Wilder ranted about Ruiz Sr. and said, “I’m so sick of fathers coming in on their son’s careers trying to manage them. My Dad tried to do the same thing, but he didn’t know sh*t about boxing but wanted to be my manager. No, No, No, because your agenda is going to be wrong. You are looking at yourself and not me.”

The former WBC heavyweight champion continued, “These are things that have come across my ear. They pulled him (Ruiz Jr.) out of the fourth grade and just wanted him to box. If this is true, shame on the parents for pulling him out of a fourth-grade education and just using him as a boxing sex slave. Everybody is getting their turn on him (laughs). They are trying to run his career and make decisions for him. What kind of parents would do that to sh*t. This came across my ears from a very, very credible source.”

Those are some serious comments from Wilder as he tries to get this fight done, but not at the price Ruiz Sr. has told him. Wilder said, “He wanted 20-25 million dollars. I told them, ‘What the hell is wrong with you.’ I don’t know what he thinks his son is at or what he thinks he is supposed to be at, but he needs a reality check. It’s solely the father because Andy (Ruiz Jr.) is going to do solely what the father says.” 

This back-and-forth between Wilder and Team Ruiz will continue until they can find a way to sign the contract and face each other in the fall. In the meantime, Wilder is still in negotiations for a fight against Joshua in the U.A.E. either later this year or early next. Regardless, many fans are intrigued about a matchup between Wilder and Ruiz Jr., so let’s give the fans what they want to see and make that fight for the fall.

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