Dana White reveals that Tom Brady, Mark Davis 'got back together and cleaned up'

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Dana White gave some insight into Tom Brady becoming a part owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Tom Brady is a new part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders and no one is happier about the move than UFC president Dana White, who at one time tried to convince Brady to come to play for the Raiders.

That deal never came to fruition and Brady retired as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer but now White is ... kind of ... still getting his way.

"What I'm happy about is obviously, he's a good friend of mine, but the other thing is that he'll be in Vegas a lot more," White told FanSided MMA. "But the guy's a winner. He knows how to win and having him be not just a part of the Raiders organization. but a part of Vegas now. Not just with the Raiders, but with the Aces too. He owns a piece of the Aces."

Dana White: Tom Brady and Mark Davis 'patched things up'

While gushing about his friend White also revealed at that Brady and Davis have made up and things should run smoothly between the two from here on out.

"And I'm glad that Mark Davis and him got back together and cleaned up -- me and Tom were pretty mad the first time around," White said. "So I'm glad that they patch that up and I'm just pumped that he's going to be a part of the city."

And it seems like Davis on board as well.

"We have come to an agreement for Tom Brady to become a partner in the Raiders and we have submitted it to the NFL for approval. We’re excited for Tom to join the Raiders," Davis said in a statement to ESPN. 

White also revealed that the NFL Super Bowl planning committee is holding meetings in the UFC APEX ahead of the big game heading to Las Vegas.

When asked if he's helping with any of the planning, White laughed and said, "I don't think that the NFL or Super Bowl need me for anything, but if they did, I would be honored."

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