Dana White reveals Donald Trump's grandkids are doing BJJ after coming to UFC fights

Dana White says the Trump family has started training in martial arts.
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UFC president Dana White has always been supportive of his friend former United States President Donald Trump. The pair have been linked as far back as the early years of the UFC when Trump was one of the only people to allow UFC events to be held in his hotels.

Loyalty is really important to me. And he's been a very good friend to me. And he's a massive fight fan," White said while speaking with FOX News Channel’s One Nation. "Trump was the guy who reached out to us when we couldn't get venues and had us come to the Taj. We did our first two shows over there. And when you think about it then, the Trump brand here, the UFC brand here, he showed up for the first fight and stayed till the last fight."

Since then White has spoken at the Republican National Convention and Trump has sat cageside with his family for several big UFC events. White says that after coming to see one of the fights Ivanka Trump, Donald's daughter, enrolled her kids in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Dana White says Ivanka Trumps kids are training in BJJ

"Her kids are doing jiu-jitsu, which was brilliant," White said. "They got their kids into jiu-jitsu. And so what's crazy is her and Jared [Kushner] came to their first fight. I think it was in Miami last time we were there. It was their first fight for four days. Those two couldn't stop texting me saying, this is crazy. We've been to everything you could possibly go to. We've never been to anything as fun as that. Or maybe it was [UFC] 300 they went to. I can't remember."

The Trump grandkids are just one example of people watching UFC and also training a martial art themselves. Tom Brady, another close friend of White's has his children with Gisele Bündchen training in BJJ. Bündchen also began training as well. Demi Lovato, Ashton Kutcher, Keanu Reeves and Mark Zuckerberg all train as well.