Dana White reacts to Arman Tsarukyan punching fan during UFC 300 walkout

Arman Tsarukyan was caught on video striking a fan on his walk to the cage at UFC 300.
Dana White and Arman Tsarukyan
Dana White and Arman Tsarukyan /

On Saturday night during the main card portion of UFC 300, Arman Tsarukyan was caught striking or attempting to strike, a fan in the crowd during his walkout. After it happened the video of various views of the incident went viral. In the clips, it's hard to tell if his multiple attempts land, but that might not even really matter. He would go on to defeat former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliviera via split decision.

When Tsarukyan came backstage he was asked about the incident and he laughed it off.

“He showed me ‘F*** you’ and he wanted to punch me and I wanted to punch him back,” Tsarukyan told the media backstage. “That’s it. So guys, no one show me ‘F*** you.’ It doesn’t matter who you are, I’m going to punch you in the face. You can show me ‘F***’ from like 200 meters, I’m not going to punch you. But when you’re close to me, it’s, like automatically, I’m from Russia. Don’t do that, please, or I’m going to go to prison in U.S.”

Dana White joked that the UFC will be getting sued

We asked UFC CEO Dana White about the incident when he came backstage for his own media scrum.

“You might not want to hang over the things and grab people when they’re walking out,” White said. “These guys are all f****** hyped up whatever. I’m sure we’re probably going to get sued. We’ll deal with that on Monday too.”

Tsarukyan could face a fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the incident but at press time they've made no public comments about the incident. We also must remember that things could have been a lot worse. Remember the “Malice at the Palace” game between the Pacers and Pistons in 2004. Imagine if that same senario had happened with trained fighters. Let cout our blessings.


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