Dana White gave 1 fighter both POTN and FOTN bonuses at UFC Vegas 87

  • Dana White gave $100,000 to one fighter after UFC Vegas 87
  • Vinicius Oliveira earned a POTN and FOTN bonus
  • He knocked out Benardo Sopaj in the third round.
Dana White
Dana White / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

UFC Vegas 87 played host to a potential Knockout of the Year when Vinicius Oliveira secured a nasty flying knee knockout of Benardo Sopaj.

The fight occurred on the preliminary card and took place between two debuting fighters. Oliveira was struggling early on in the fight before landing the knee which dropped Sopaj out cold in the third round. The image of him lying crumpled on the canvas is something you won't be able to unsee.

It seemed obvious that UFC CEO Dana White would award Oliveira a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus but no one saw him awarding him two bonuses. Not only did he get a Performance of the Night award which is reserved for submissions and knockouts, but White awarded him a Fight of the Night bonus as well which saw the new fighter awarded $100,000 in total. This also allowed Sopaj to earn $50,000 for his half of the FOTN.

See the knockout that earned Vinicius Oliveira 2 post-fight bonuses

"The two debutants went back and forth in the opening round, with the first round going to Sopaj who found more success," the UFC said about the fight. "Sopaj kept things going into the second round, but Oliveira started to find his groove, wearing down the 23-year-old into the final frame. With under a minute left to go, Oliveira threw a flying knee that put Sopaj on the canvas, giving us an early Knockout of the Year candidate."

It's rare that White gives two bonuses to the same fighter, even more so since the fighter was making his debut.

White also gave Steve Erceg a POTN bonus for his win over Matt Schnell.


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