Dana White's diet is one of the most Googled right now

  • Dana White has been doing a new diet
  • The diet requires fasting for long periods of time
  • That diet is growing in curiosity
Dana White
Dana White / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

According to a study conducted by health and wellness website Fitness Brand, five top diets are being Googled in the United States and MMA fans might recognize one as something UFC president Dana White has been promoting recently.

White has been doing a fasting diet, which is ranked as the second-most Googled diet, according to the study. In White's case he's doing extended fasting.

“I feel incredible and I want to tell you how I did it. I love sharing this kind of stuff with you,” White said in social media videos. “When I left the event on Saturday night, I started fasting so Saturday to Wednesday.”

I did an 86 hour water fast and I feel INCREDIBLE! Obviously I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been told by the experts that...

Posted by Dana White on Wednesday, November 15, 2023

“Doctors have done studies on this and this thing is legit,” he said. “It gives you an over 70 percent chance of not getting cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other nasty diseases.” White later added: “You get absolutely shredded on this thing.”

When he first posted about it several news outlets, like Prevention.com, spoke about the fasting.

“It’s relatively safe for a healthy individual,” Deborah Cohen, D.C.N. told the outlet. “For those who have diabetes, heart disease, or are prone to low blood sugar or other conditions it can be downright dangerous.”

The other diets being searched are the Mediterranean Diet, Keto Diet, Dash Diet, and the Paleo Diet.

“It is important to note that diets work differently for different people, therefore, it is essential to consult a professional and research if you want to try or have any questions over a diet," A spokesperson for Fitness Brand said in a press release.


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