Conor McGregor brought his $4M yacht to the Monaco Grand Prix

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor / Conor McGregor Instagram

Conor McGregor was spotted at the Monaco Grand Prix with his new yacht.

Conor McGregor has never tried to hide his growing wealth and this week it's no different.

On Saturday, May 27, McGregor brought his yacht to the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

According to The Daily Mail, McGregor was spotted drinking aboard his yacht near the Monte Carlo track.

On Saturday on lookers saw defending F1 champion Max Verstappen take pole position, edging out Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso.

Last year McGregor came out to support Haas and their two drivers Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen

“I am here for team Haas. I put my confidence in the team after today’s qualifying round. The cars are exceptional and I am rooting for Haas," he said last year.

McGregor was spotted out on Friday night with NBA stars Devin Booker and Kevin Durant. Also spotted at the race was Odell Beckham Jr., Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, and more.

McGregor's new Netflix documentary McGregor Forever was released this month and he stars in the newest season of The Ultimate Fighter, which premieres on Tuesday.

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