Conor McGregor's timeline return could work

If Conor McGregor really wants to come back by September, maybe he could headline the Sphere.
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor / Manoli Figetakis/GettyImages

On Saturday, Conor McGregor revealed his ideal timetable for a UFC return. The former two-division UFC champion hoped to be ready to fight by the end of the Summer and if you take a look at the UFC calendar, that might just work.

“August-September … August-September, I’d love,” McGregor told Severe MMA while attending Bellator Dublin. “You know the way it is. I’m in recovery mode.”

We already know that if McGregor wants a date soon the UFC would have to create a new PPV for him. And frankly, they will. But what they could do is change the UFC Sphere show slated for Sept. 14 to a PPV event and make it one of the biggest nights in the UFC's history. There's still not headliner announced for that card and that fits with McGregor's timeline.

Conor McGregor should headline the UFC's Sphere card

Imagine a McGregor fight at the Sphere. Two epic nights combined into one could be massive. Ticket prices would be insane since the Sphere only seats 18,600 people which could make it the hottest and most exclusive ticket in town. It won't make the fans happy but that never seems to be a concern of the UFC.

UFC president Dana White wouldn't confirm if those dates were going to work for the promotion, but something tells me White will move heaven and earth if it means McGregor will actually fight.

"I don't know right now," White said. "Our schedule is laid out so we'll see. I'm not doing anything until I know Conor is healthy. It's not even worth talking about. What about September? What about October? He's not ready. So why even talk about it?"

The fans deserve to see McGregor fight this year and c'mon, Michael Chandler has been waiting long enough, let's get something epic on the books ASAP.