Conor McGregor responds to accusations regarding deleted tweets after police investigation

Conor McGregor explains why he deleted tweets involving the Ireland riots.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor is reportedly being investigated for "hate speech" by the Irish Police after several of his tweets called for war after Dublin's biggest riot.

Many of those tweets have since been deleted and someone on Twitter called McGregor out for it.

"I see that brave 'patriot' Conor Mcgregor has deleted the bulk of his recent tweets now hes under legal threat," Twitter user "JM" wrote on Dec. 3. "For 30 years, the true brave patriots of Ireland when under actual threat from the real enemies of Ireland never shied away from their beliefs. They were killed and imprisoned for refusing to give up on their beliefs in their actual fight for the freedom of Ireland. A legal threat and your man is doing a runner Patriots they say? Give my head peace. Muppets."

McGregor took offense at the tweet and replied explaining why he deleted tweets.

"Not at all. My statements, widely publicized, stand. I remove after they have been up and well reported on for a plethora of reasons. Some personal. Seeing my country in flames hurts my heart," McGregor replied. "Seeing a man label a person who stabs innocent children in broad daylight a 'gentleman' sickens me. As it stands I am not appointed by the state. I post my thoughts, I allow reporting, then I am in my right to remove from my line. It is also time effective. I have 4 children. A major fight incoming. Multiple businesses with almost 300 people employed, and growing, I need to be correct with my time. Engaging with so much on here can impact in a multitude of ways. Clearing the slate, after it gets reported, I am happy with. I know some don’t like this but it keeps me dialed in. I’m still here. I’d give my life for the peace and prosperity of Ireland. Ireland gave me everything I have, I’d give it right back if and when it calls."

McGregor has become someone a figurehead of the Right and has been supported by some of Ireland's biggest political figures. He's also been used as a bad example by politicians from the Left.

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