Conor McGregor predicts trilogy with Nate Diaz after 'abysmal' Jake Paul fight

Conor McGregor called Nate Diaz a 'do nothing bitch' after he lost to Jake Paul.
UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz
UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

Conor McGregor has called out everyone from Justin Gaethje, Michael Chandler, and Dustin Poirier ... and that was just last week. But now, he's got a new name on his mind ... Nate Diaz.

On Saturday night Diaz lost his boxing fight with Jake Paul but in the final moments put him in a guillotine choke position, just because he could.

McGregor, who is also a former two-time opponent of Diaz didn't appreciate the antics and took to Twitter to blast him.

"peoples champ I gonna say this now, them antics when its time2move ain’t hitting for me no more," he tweeted. "I’ve seen him point, I’ve seen him turn/walk away etcetc. it’s stale now. Fkn Do somethin cos you’re doing nothing! Could’ve been the 170lb ufc champion. Wasted it. Ur doing f**k all."

Then he went a step farther and said who he thought would win in their highly-anticipated triology.

"I gonna serve up your liver on a sandwich in the trilogy m8," he tweeted. "Out straight. I won’t even hit ur face.That was abysmal last night. Paul is a retard. Absolute garbage he is. Moving backwards like I was watching a fight in rewind. Holy garbage. Embarrassing stuff all round IMO."

And he also brought Ronda Rousey into the mix by dropping her iconic line in a third tweet.

"Try point and walk away from me I gonna run at you and root you up the hole. Ronda messaged me said you are a do nothing bitch."

McGregor is supposed to be fighting Chandler in the TUF finale but at press time, nothing has been booked yet.

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