Conor McGregor goes on epic late night rant slamming 'douchebag' coaches


Conor McGregor did one of his tweet and delete sprees on Tuesday night taking aim at coaches and going back and forth with Ali Abdelaziz.

It's been a while since MMA Twitter has experienced one of Conor McGregor's tweet and delete rants, but that's what happened on Tuesday evening.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, McGregor took aim at several well-known coaches while praising his long-time coach, John Kavanagh.

“Firaz Zahabi is a little douchebag, Trevor Wittman is a pad man," he tweeted. "Javier Mendez is a fat lick arse kick boxer, Mike brown is a smelly prick, Greg Jackson got caught up, the system of Coach Kavanagh is now shining thru. In years to come the world will know what we have been at. It’s beginning to bare fruit, if you want to train. Train at SBG Ireland with Kav. And me. We are a fight factory akin to butter churning.”

The tweet caught the eye of famed manager, and bitter rival Ali Abdelaziz who reponded to the slight tweeting, “Hey please this sounds like you taking fetanol, you out of your mind. Firas, Trevor, Javier, Greg Jackson and Mike Brown you and your coach cannot even shine their shoes, your team alongside 20 UFC fighters got cut from the UFC because you all suck, WTF you talking about?”

McGregor called Ali Abdelaziz a 'shit stain on the game'

McGregor quote tweeted Abdelaziz writing, "Hey, shit stain on the game, I’m talking as of now it is beginning to bare fruit. We beat their system of fighting on Tuf. Its locked down. It’s no wonder shit pants scurried. There’s no competing now. The head of the style is too fat a bitch and afraid to compete again. So we win. You can’t compete with us. Watch and witness you rat bastard.”

Of course, Abdelaziz wasn't going to let that go unanswered and tweeted right back at him.

“The head of my style@you@mean Khabib? Every time you look at yourself in a mirror you see him, one of the biggest embarrassing moments in sports history, he showed you are trash and your team is trash, and he showed doesn’t matter what you do you always gonna be trash”

McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov (managed by Abdelaziz) was one of the biggest rivalries of the time with the beef stemming from religion and families, which many felt went too far.

McGregor responded one last time before deleting all the tweets sometime overnight.

“Every time I look in the Jax pot after having a shite I see his face on the back of that bus hahahajajajj," he tweeted poking fun at the time McGregor through a dolly through a bus window.

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