Colby Covington was mercilessly trolled by Jorge Masvidal fans (Video)

Colby Covington can't get any peace.
Colby Covington
Colby Covington / David Becker/GettyImages

Colby Covington might be one of the most universally disliked fighters on the roster right now. Everywhere he goes, he's taunted, even in his hometown of Miami, Florida.

Covington was in attendance at the Miami Heat game on Monday, Jan. 8 when someone captured him walking through the stands and getting absolutely trolled by Jorge Masvidal fans.

Jorge Masvidal fan heckled Colby Covington at an NBA game

"Hey, this is Jorge's city, brother," a fan can be heard saying. "This is Jorge's city, 305 Masvidal, Colby goodbye."

Covington, clearly annoyed turned around a flipped off the heckler. Someone in Covington's entourage stopped and spoke with the Masvidal fan which elicited another reaction from said fan.

"Do something then. I don't even know who you are."

The two former friends have long since parted ways but consistently find ways to poke at each other any chance they get. They fought in 2022, with Covington as the victor. But Masvidal jumped Covington on the street just a few weeks later in response to the pre-fight trash talk.

Covington is coming off a loss to UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

Some, including Chael Sonnen have wondered if Covington would ever fight again after the embarrassing loss.

“He’s had three world title fights, he was an interim champion, he never lost, he woke up one day, he wasn’t the interim champion," Sonnen said during the UFC 296 post-fight show. "He fought the reigning ‘BMF’ champion, dominated him, and never became ‘BMF’ champion. I think that there’s some real frustrations. I just don’t know if he wants to start over. That’s the hard truth. I don’t know that we see Colby Covington again.”


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