Colby Covington reveals who he think set him up for Jorge Masvidal attack

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Colby Covington thinks he was set up to be attacked by Jorge Masvidal by a podcaster.

Shortly after Jorge Masvidal lost his UFC appearance to Colby Covington he allegedly found Covington on the streets of Miami and sucker punched him.

Though these claims are still alleged (Masvidal has not gone to trial yet) he doesn't deny he attacked Covington after years of friendship gone wrong leading to one of the UFC's biggest feuds of the modern era.

Now, nearly a year removed from the attack Covington has revealed who he thinks set him up to be attacked that night.

We already know from social media posts that Covington had just finished doing a Full Send podcast the Nelk Boys and was eating dinner at Papi’s Steakhouse. One of the show’s co-hosts, Bob Menery, made an Instagram post with Covington and tagged the location just hours before Covington was attacked leaving the establishment.

Covington believe's that's how Masvidal knew where he was, and that Menery was playing both sides.

“I don’t have a relationship with Bob Menery,” Covington said while being interviewed during UFC 286. “The only reason that I had met that guy was through the Nelk Boys, through Kyle and those guys, because I was doing the podcast with those guys. So, of course, I was hanging around the Nelk Boys and those guys, and I don’t know what to believe with that guy, I think he set me up with what happened, but I’ll let that work out the way it does."

Colby Covington thinks Full Send's Bob Menery set up up to be attacked by Jorge Masvidal

Covington claims he was injured in the attack and a watch was damaged.

Menery is no longer on the Full Send podcast but spoke about the claims Covington made against him.

“This is what I was saying, I didn’t expect — If it was at this level and I knew the fight game was this serious, I would not have posted the location. And I’ve learned from that, I’m not going to do that moving forward. I learned my lesson, that’s f—ed up, especially with these fighters," he said on MMA Central. “First and foremost, everyone’s giving me s— here ... we post everywhere we go. And Colby re-posted us, too, that night, two seconds later. So, Colby’s stories showing, people knew we were at Papi Steak, that simple. If I could take it back, absolutely.”

Masvidal is set to stand trial on May 10, 2023.

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