Chris Weidman sends a stern warning to Conor McGregor

The two former UFC champions have something in common and it's not a good thing.
Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman
Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman /

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor have something in common. Both fighters suffered potential career-ending leg breaks in a fight.

Weidman has fought twice since he recovered from his break, one loss and one win, and he has some advice for McGregor for when it comes time for him to make his UFC return.

“I know [Conor McGregor] watched my fight,” Weidman told MMA Fighting. “I think he probably learned a lot watching my fight. Some of the red flags of what to be prepared for, for whoever he fights, and also maybe you’re not going to be able to throw [the kicks] back as much as you want. Or now, be prepared that could be something you have to deal with, so really train on kicking back."

Weidman broke his leg in 2021 and battled back through numerous surgeries to fight again. His first fight back was a loss, and he looked timid in there, which he credits to the fear of re-breaking his leg. He says that not training that fear away was a big mistake he doesn't want to see McGregor make.

Chris Weidman warned Conor McGregor to train leg kicks 'there is a psychological effect'

“Because you want that to be second nature when you’re in there. For me, I thought I was good with that, but I wasn’t. I would have really worked at it more and realize there is a psychological effect when you break your leg in half like that. So you need to really get that habit back strong and focus on that. I don’t really think I need to say much. He should just watch my last fight and learn from that.”

McGregor broke his leg in 2021 as well but has not fought since. Part of the reason for the delay was due to filing Road House, The Ultimate Fighter and issues with USADA. He's expected back sometime in 2024.


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