Chatri Sityodtong blasts 'bully' Elon Musk just days after offering to promote Mark Zuckerberg fight

ONE Championship CEO isn't happy with Elon Musk bullying Mark Zuckerberg in latest post.

Chatri Sityodtong
Chatri Sityodtong / Pascal Le Segretain/GettyImages

Chatri Sityodtong has backpedaled on his offer to promote the proposed Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg fight now that Musk has threatened to show up at the door of Zuckerberg.

On Monday Zuck advised that he was taking a new Tesla for a test drive to Palo Alto and tweeted that if Zuckerberg "actually answers the door, the fight is on!"

Sityodtong, ONE Championship CEO didn't like that threat and took to Facebook to blast the X CEO for bullying.

"I normally don't like to get involved in other people's spats, but I am compelled to say something on the latest development of the potential fight between Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk," he wrote in a lengthy post. A few hours ago, Elon said that he was planning to show up to Mark's house to fight him. Elon is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history and I have a lot of respect for his guts, accomplishments, and intellect. However, I dislike bullying of any kind."

He also gave evidence to why he believes that it's Musk who doesn't want to fight, not Zuckerberg.

"As CEO of the world's largest martial arts organization and someone involved in the fight game as my life, I know when people want to fight or not," he wrote. "When people want to fight, they accept a fight and simply show up. When people don't want to fight, they do exactly what Elon has been doing. They make up excuses, conditions, and reasons for avoiding the fight. Elon has made up puzzling excuse after excuse, be it the need for surgery, the need to do it in the Coliseum in Italy, the idea of doing it through his and Mark's foundations, the idea of a backyard practice run, etc."

The back-and-forth between the two social media moguls seems to finally be winding down as Zuckerberg appears to have put the fight on the back burner.

"I think we can all agree Elon isn't serious and it's time to move on. I offered a real date. Dana White offered to make this a legit competition for charity. Elon won't confirm a date, then says he needs surgery, and now asks to do a practice round in my backyard instead," Zuckerberg wrote on Sunday. "If Elon ever gets serious about a real date and official event, he knows how to reach me. Otherwise, time to move on. I'm going to focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously."

At one point Sityodtong had offered to promote the fight alongside UFC president Dana White. And while that offer hasn't been officially rescinded, it's pretty clear that if Musk doesn't change his ways, Sityodtong isn't going to be on board.

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