Cedric Doumbe suffered his first loss but not the way you think (VIDEO)

Cedric Doumbe had something lodged in his foot and his fight was called off because of it. Here's what happened.
Cedric Doumbe
Cedric Doumbe / PFL

Cedric Doumbe is one of France's highest-touted prospects and it's easy to see why. He's an incredibly talented fighter and he sells out packed arenas for PFL.

But on Thursday, March 7, the worst happened. He lost and in the absolute worst way possible.

Doumbe was headlining the first PFL Europe card in Paris, France when a foreign object got lodged into his foot. He tried to stop the fight to take it out of his foot but the referee called off the fight instead.

Something like this is unprecedented as it's not something which happens every day in the sport. Fighters are not able to call time outs, but in this case he probably should have been given a moment to get the object out, which is what would happen if somee gets an accidental groin strike or an eye poke.

Baki Chamsoudinov earned the win via TKO.

Watch the confusing end to the Cedric Doumbe PFL Paris fight

"I’m disgusted. I didn’t want this. Make some noise for Baki. This isn’t his fault. It’s the ref’s fault," he said on the microphone in French after the fight. "I feel like there is a piece of glass or wood in my foot. I told the ref. I told Baki. Baki said so get it out. And then the ref stopped it. I never asked to stop the fight."

Several people, including MMA media and fellow fighters reacted to the moment.

After the fight was called off, Baki says he will agree to fight Doumbe again.

"Doumbé is a legend of kickboxing. It was an honor to fight. This is not how I want to win," he said.

Doumbe was on a five-fight win streak and was looking as the heavy favorite to be one of the next PFL champions for Europe. His last fight, in Paris as well, ended in a nine-second knockout. This one ended much differently.

It's unclear if and when PFL will rebook the fight, but that's absolutely what need to happen.


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