Cedric Doumbe to make PFL debut at PFL Europe Playoffs

Cedric Doumbe will headline the PFL Europe Playoffs in his home country.
PFL cage
PFL cage / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The UFC is off this weekend but that doesn't mean there's no high-level MMA to watch. The PFL is hosting the PFL Europe Playoffs in Paris this weekend with a familiar name making his promotional debut.

Cedric Doumbe will close the card when he faces off with Jordan Zebo in a 170 pound showcase fight. There will be eight playoff fights spread throughout the 13 fight card.

PFL Europe Playoffs fight card

  • Cedric Doumbé (France) vs. Jordan Zebo (France)
  • Abdoul Abdouraguimov (France) vs. Brad Wheeler (England)
  • Anthony Salamone (France) vs. Jakob Nedoh (Slovenia)
  • Simeon Powell (England) vs. Abdellah Er-Ramy (Spain)
  • Dakota Ditcheva (England) vs. Cornelia Holm (Sweden)
  • Yazid Chouchane (France) vs. Luigi Vendramini (Switzerland)
  • Laureano Staropoli (Argentina) vs. Baba Boundjou Nadjombe (Togo)
  • Ali Taleb (Sweden) vs. Khurshed Kakhorov (Germany)
  • Frans Mlambo (Ireland) vs. Francesco Nuzzi (Italy)
  • Dylan Tuke (Ireland) vs. Jakub Kaszuba (Poland)
  • John Mitchell (Ireland) vs. Alex Chizov (Latvia)
  • Valentina Scatizzi (Italy) vs. Manuela Marconetto (Italy)
  • Shanelle Dyer (England) vs. Luisa Fernanda Cifuentes (Colombia)

How to watch PFL Europe in the United States

Unfortunately for American fans, we'll have to follow along on social media and hope people share clips as there's no way to watch the event. Unless of course you use a VPN, in that case it will air on DAZN.

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