Boxing Influencer Salt Papi says thinks he could 'definitely beat Jake Paul'

Boxing in London - KSI v Wassabi
Boxing in London - KSI v Wassabi / Luke Walker/GettyImages

Social Media Influencer 'Salt Papi' returns to the boxing ring on May 13 against Anthony Taylor but also sees himself beating Jake Paul if they were to fight.

On May 13, Misfits Boxing & DAZN returns with their X Series 007 live at the OVO Arena in London, UK. The headliner will feature YouTube star KSI going up against the undefeated pro boxer, who also happens to be an established businessman, Joe Fournier.

Although fans attending this event are looking forward to that matchup, those tuning in have another favorite which is 29-year-old Nathaniel Bustamante, better known as “Salt Papi.” He will have his toughest test to date as he faces 33-year-old Anthony Taylor, who is known in the MMA world as he held a record of seven wins and five losses while competing in Bellator. As they continue to make their media rounds to promote the event, “Salt Papi” spoke to Ak & Barak from the DAZN Boxing Show to update them on his origins and everything he has going on. 

“Salt Papi” is from the Philippines and only started boxing a year and a half ago, but his popularity on social media started some months before that. “Salt Papi,” told Ak & Barak, “Two years ago, I started uploading videos on TikTok, from zero, no Instagram, no YouTube. I started uploading videos on TikTok because with the Coronavirus, there was nothing to do, and I was stuck at home. I started making videos from my garden just dancing around, and then a couple of months later, I started to blow up.

He continued, “I started to imitate Salt Bae and make parody videos. Now I have like five million followers on TikTok.”

With influencer boxing becoming popular in the UK, Misfits Boxing and DAZN collaborated on a deal to host events throughout the year. Their next event is May 13, and with “Salt Papi’s” opponent being more experienced than him in the combat sports arena, what does he think of him?

"I believe he is my toughest fight, but we just don’t know. I could probably just KO him in the first round. With Josh Brueckner, they said that would be my biggest challenge, and if I beat him, I’m going to be the real deal. Now they gave me Anthony Taylor, another challenge. They said again if I beat him, I will be the real deal. They are going to keep giving me bigger challenges and bigger opponents in the future, and you just never know what can happen.”

As far as a prediction for the fight, “Salt Papi” told Ak & Barak,” The knockout will come. I don’t really look for it.”

 Salt Papi vs. Anthony Taylor will stream live, May 13 on DAZN PPV ($39.99)

While discussing the topic of influencer boxing, there is no one bigger in that space than Jake Paul. The question arose whether “Salt Papi” could beat Paul if they faced each other. “Yea, definitely. I could definitely beat Jake Paul. I am more of a technical fighter, and I’m harder to hit, I believe.”

“Salt Papi” goes into a potential fight with KSI if he is better than Manny Pacquiao in basketball and more. You can watch the rest of the interview on the DAZN Boxing Show.

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