Biaggio Ali Walsh is the PFL 2 fighter to watch

Biaggio Ali Walsh at the PFL Championships
Biaggio Ali Walsh at the PFL Championships / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Biaggio Ali Walsh is the fighter to watch at PFL 2 on Friday night in Las Vegas, NV.

It's not often we feature an amateur fighter in one of these columns but when you're the grandson of the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, people pay attention.

Biaggio Ali Walsh was signed to the PFL via a developmental deal last year and made his promotional debut as an amateur during the 2022 championships. On that card, he proved why he already has big eyes on him when he finished Tom Graesser with a right cross just 45 seconds into the very first round.

Now, after the search for an opponent nearly dried up, he'll fight Isaiah Figueroa at PFL 2 on April 7 in Las Vegas.

We asked Ali Walsh how soon he might make his leap into the pro pool, but he says that's a decision his coaches will make, not him.

Biaggio Ali Walsh fights as an amateur against Isaiah Figueroa at PFL 2

“I’m not talking about turning pro until I’m ready to turn pro,” Walsh told reporters during PFL media day at Xtreme Couture in April. “Right now I just want to get as many fights as I can until I feel and my coach feels that I’m ready to turn pro.”

But finding another ammy fighter willing to fight on such a huge stage with such a big name has been frustrating and he says that he might be forced to turn pro if he can't find suitable opponents. “I do know that fighting as an amateur on the PFL and being able to fight on a stage like now is preparing me for pro,” Walsh said. “I think once I turn pro, I’m gonna be a little bit used to the stage and the lights and what not, because that plays a big part in a fight too. If a fighter is going from here to here (down to up), it’s kind of new to them, the lights and everything. But to be able to do this as an amateur is definitely preparing me for pro.”

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