The best UFC women's champion of all time, and the worst

15 women have held titles in the UFC. Who was the best and the worst?
UFC 277: Pena v Nunes 2
UFC 277: Pena v Nunes 2 / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Remember in 2011 when UFC president Dana White said that women would never fight in the UFC? That did not age well-- to say the least.

Two years after completely dismissing the idea of women fighting in the organization, White launched the Ronda Rousey experiment. They did not hold a tournament, not even one bout to contest ownership of the title. Rousey was the designated champion-- crowned at the bantamweight division's genesis.

Why was she ordained to such a massive rank, you ask? Well, Rousey was a 6-0 champion in Strikeforce who finished all her opponents in the first round. And for a significant amount of time, she proved worthy of the selection with a reign that spanned six fights and two years in the UFC. Love or hate her, Rousey was the catalyst for women's MMA to rise to relevance and popularity.

It has been 10 years since White contradicted his 2011 statement. The UFC expanded to four women's weight classes, with over 113 female fighters currently signed to the organization. Over the years, only 15 women have touched gold in the UFC. But who were the best and worst UFC women's champions?