The Ariel Helwani, Michael Bisping feud is ridiculous

Ariel Helwani and Michael Bisping are going at it online and they should both grow up a little bit.
Ariel Helwani and Michael Bisping
Ariel Helwani and Michael Bisping /

If you've been paying attention to MMA Twitter lately you have probably seen the back-and-forth jabs that veteran MMA journalist Ariel Helwani and former UFC champion Michael Bisping have been lobbing. The two important voices in MMA are beefing over

It seems to have all started when Bisping commented on the reports that Helwani was giving about what was happening behind the scenes as the UFC scrambled to find a replacement for Conor McGregor. He mocked Helwani as overzealous and wanted desperately to break the news that hadn't happened yet.

Helwani in turn went on an epic rant calling Bisping a boot licker. "You're a Slap Fighting commentator... you're a former bad boy who became a boot licker who wants to stay in good standing [with Dana White]," he said. "So you have chosen to pick a fight with me... in order to curry favor with your boss who gives you a few quid to commentate and be excited about Slap Fighting. To me it's shameful, it's embarassing, and that's why I refer to him as Bootlicker Bisping."

The latest update was a bit on Helwani's show where he reveals it was him who helped Bisping get the short-notice fight with Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, the same fight that won him the title.

Ariel Helwani doubles down on Michael Bisping feud

The thing is, this all feels like a little bit of TMI. If these two grown men really have an issue with each other they should pick up the phone and have a chat. The entire MMA world does not need to hear it. Each one is trying to one-up the other (though it does seem like Helwani is digging in harder than Bisping is). This isn't becoming of a legitimate journalist. Let's hope this is the last we hear of this feud because unless they are selling tickets to a fight, I really do not care.