Ariane Carnelossi injury update

Ariane Carnelossi vs. Piera Rodriguez was called off due to an illegal head butt.
Ariane Carnelossi
Ariane Carnelossi / UFC

Ariane Carnelossi earned a win at UFC Vegas 92 when her opponent was disqualified for an illegal head butt. Piera Rodriguez was warned not to slam her head against Carnelossi when they were on the ground but Rodriguez answered back with a second head butt calling a stop to the action. Carnelossi was unable to continue and was declared the winner after the referee deemed the move intentional.

Rodriguez was upset after the fight was called off and even flipped Carnelossi off as she left the cage. Then she took to Instagram to blast her as a liar. “I rather lose a fight because of a mistake I did, than go home calling myself a ‘winner’ knowing I am a coward,” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram. “… I made a big mistake, maybe because of adrenaline… But you have to go to sleep with that lie in your head your entire life! @ariane.sorrisoufc and you call yourself brave? I hope you and your team enjoy my money!”

Ariane Carnelossi reveals several injuries suffered from UFC Vegas 92 head butt

On Sunday, Carnelossi informed her fans and followers how severe her injuries actually were. “Hey guys, we just got back from the hospital and we’re already at the hotel,” Carnelossi wrote on Instagram. “After some tests, a fracture in the nose and an injury to the zygomatic bone and the formation of a blood clot in the sinus region were found. Thank you to EVERYONE who sent me positive messages. Regarding our sport, what people need to understand is that what often differentiates humans from animals are the RULES.”

This loss is the second in a row for Rodriquez who lost to Gillian Robertson in April 2023. Carnelossi bounced back from a loss to Lupita Godinez in 2022. She hadn't fought since that bout.


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