Anthony Smith gives update on future fight plans (Video)

  • Anthony Smith is coming off a loss
  • He says he's ready to fight again but has some conditions
  • Hi next fight has to be a fun match-up
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith / Handout/GettyImages

Anthony Smith is ready to fight again, but he has some conditions.

It's gotta be fun.

“I don’t care if they’re ranked,” Smith said on his Believe You Me podcast with Michael Bisping. “I don’t care if they’re not ranked, ranked high. I don’t care who it is. It has to be something that I deem as fun. And I know that’s really stupid, but when I hear the name I want it to be exciting. I want it to be like, ‘Oh, that would be fun.’ I need something that’s fun, and I want to look forward to it. The danger factor doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t care how hard the fight’s going to be. I want it to be someone that gets me excited, and I want it to be somewhere that gets me excited. The timing, I’m less concerned with the timing. May or June.”

Smith is coming off a loss to Khalil Rountree in the UFC Vegas 83 co-main event in December but that loss doesn't appear to be slowing him down any.

Anthony Smith says he's 'fat' right now but wants to fight soon

“I’m ready to fight,” Smith said. “It kind of just hit me. Not fight, fight, but ready to start finding a fight. Pick up the workouts a little bit. I’m fat. I’ve got this belly hanging over the pants. I was 237 like a week ago. I’m heavy. When I’m off, I’m off. I’m all the way off. I’ve been trying to change my mindset a little bit, and there’s a couple things that matter. The name doesn’t really matter. How I feel about it really matters. I want something that’s exciting. And maybe divisionally it doesn’t make sense, I don’t know.”

Smith will be working the UFC Vegas 86 fights as an ESPN analyst this weekend.


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