Alexandr Shabliy is exactly right with his criticism of PFL’s decision

Alexandr Shabliy has revealed that the PFL may not honor the $1 million

Alexandr Shabily
Alexandr Shabily / Bellator

When PFL purchased Bellator there was a lot of confusion about how things would run. Those things were made even more confusing when the PFL revealed some fighters would remain in Bellator branded shows, some would move over to PFL, and still others would fight on hybrid shows.

One of the "up in the air" situations was the conclusion of the Bellator Lightweight World Grand Prix which was scheduled between Alexandr Shabliy and Bellator lightweight champion Usman Nurmagomedov. The winner of the competition of the tournament was slated to win the tournament title, the lightweight title, and $1 million.

Unfortunately, according to Shabliy the prize money is no longer on the line.

And he's not happy with it. An he's absolutely right to feel this way. The PFL must make this right. It will be a bad look if they don't.

It's clear PFL can afford it. They've gotten a huge investment from Saudi Arabia and are spending money like it grows on trees. It's weird to see them pull back on something they champion themselves on ... fighter pay.

The PFL should do right by Alexandr Shabliy and Usman Nurmagomedov

They could have easily saved money on the overly produced and gawdy elements of their PFL vs. Bellator event and used those funds to honor the Bellator contract. In fact, if there was a contract, Shabliy might have some legal recourse if PFL doesn't change their mind.

The PFL announced the fight would take place May 17 at Accor Arena in Paris so there's still time for PFL to do what's right.

Instead of investing millions into fighters like Jake Paul and Francis Ngannou who haven't even fought for the promotion yet, they should do right by the fighters who are stuck in contracts with them, who have done the work to make it to a tournament final. Creating and keeping good will amongst the fighters and the fans could be difference between PFL finding the success it wants and PFL ostracizing itself even further.


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