Alexander Volkov doing an Ezekiel choke on a giant teddy bear is everything (VIDEO)

Alexander Volkov's latest training partner is a gigantic stuffed teddy bear.
Alexander Volkov
Alexander Volkov / Mark Evans/GettyImages

It's hard to find training partners when you are one of the scariest UFC heavyweights but Alexander Volkov figured out a way around it.

The heavyweight used a gigantic stuffed teddy bear in one of his recent submission demonstration videos and it's the best thing we've ever seen.

Volkov showed his followers how to do the Ezekiel choke he performed at UFC 293 when he defeated Tai Tuivasa.

The choke is rare in the UFC, and even more rare for heavyweights, but Volkov made it look easy.

The craziest thing is he doesn't even practice that submission very often.

“Not really, I just know how to do this,” Volkov said when asked about it after the fight at the post-fight presser. “I tried to do some submissions to Tuivasa first, like a top arm triangle and guillotine, but it doesn’t work. He was a little bit like slippery and he was ready for the submissions. I saw the Ezekiel choke, and if it worked with him, I just did it.”

That bear stands no chance.

It's unclear when he'll be back, but it sounds like he wants it to be s

“I want to fight as much as possible to get back into the title race,” Volkov said. “I’m ready to fight at the end of the year or maybe at the beginning of next year. … I’m enjoying camps, I’m enjoying practice, enjoying learning new things. I have a lot of fights, as you know I have almost 50, but I keep learning new things and I’m really motivated. I’m feeling like I have everything to be a champion.”

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