Alexander Volkanovski is training Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray (VIDEO)

Alexander Volkanovski and Denver Nuggets' Jamal Murray have been seen sparring and rolling together in recent videos.
Jamal Murray and Alexander Volkanovski
Jamal Murray and Alexander Volkanovski / Getty

If you're going to learn how to fight there's no one better than the greatest featherweight in UFC history - Alexander Volkanovski.

Denver Nuggets point guard, Jamal Murray, was recently seen training with Volkanovski and even lasted a full minute grappling with the UFC champion during a submission challenge.

Volkanovski even shared some sparring footage on Instagram.

This isn't the first time the pair have been spotted together.

Murray was seen walking out with Volkanovski ahead of his UFC 290 title fight and then later partying with the reigning, defending champion (oh and Shaq was there too).

Volkanovski was asked about their friendship after UFC 290.

“Yeah I mean… now look, we just got a good relationship. He’s a loyal dude [inaudible]… myself, so…since we are connected, uh… it’s just it, like I think he’s just… reminds me a lot of myself as well, even though – why he is… he’s very disciplined and like you know that’s – you know these work ethic and then he’s all about that, right? So it’s the same as me," he said on The MMA Hour. “And then, he’s… he’s a loyal dude man. He’s… again I feel like a… yeah I feel like we’re the same in many ways.”.

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