Alex Pereira revels heartbreaking reason he split up with girlfriend

  • Alex Pereira responded to a question about his ex Merle
  • He revealed shocking details about why they split
  • Merle responded to his claims
Alex Pereira and his ex-girlfriend Merle
Alex Pereira and his ex-girlfriend Merle /

Eagle-eyed fans spotted what appeared to be a breakup between UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira and his girlfriend Merle when the champion unfollowed her on Instagram and removed all photos of them from his feed.

But no one really knew what happened between them, until now.

According to Pereira, she was still married and speaking with other men.

"Well," he said in an interview with Full Send. "It's a little bit hard to talk about this because for me I already deleted this person from my life. I would also like to ask my fans to also delete her from your life. She was a person I believed in, brought her in my house together with my family. After all I found out she was married."

She shared a statement on her Instagram after the news broke.

"LOL, Hurt man are really trying to invent whatever, she wrote. "Obviously I was married in the past (Alex was too) but I got seperated before I started a relationship with Alex. You guys are so stupid to think I could move to the states having a husband? LOL. I broke up with Alex BTW, and if I would start to speak about the reasons here it wouldn't end good guys."

He then shared screenshots of messages she was allegedly having with two different men at the same time. He also accused her of assaulting him and threatening to blackmail him.

"Good guys merle thinks she can manipulate you," he wrote on an Instagram Story, "I'm talking to her ex husband for a few days and today I know what she's capable of. This is a love talk with two different people and same day same time, she assulted me thinking that I would say it again, but I'm not a clown to do it! I have video of her assaulting me, as she didn't get what she wanted, she's trying to go up with my name."

Many fans are attacking Merle on social media for her alleged part in this, and we don't condone that. We'll keep an eye on what happens between the to and update when new information is learned.


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