Alex Pereira's response to Jamahal Hill was almost as cold as the brutal knockout

Alex Pereira responded to Jamahal Hill's claim that he shouldn't have celebrated over his body at UFC 300.
Alex Pereira
Alex Pereira / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill took to Instagram on June 5 to criticize his stoppage loss at UFC 300 and to slam his opponent Alex Pereira for his post-fight celebration.

"I’ve never celebrated over an opponent I beat and even called out my fans for disrespecting Johnny Walker after I slept him!!" Hill wrote on Instagram. "Because I showed competitive fire and was excited to be back after an injury that could of ended my career y’all think this is was funny or cool!! @alexpoatanpereira you really setup a punch you couldn’t get to without a weird confusing moment and did some weak shit but it ok because you will fight me again and my eyes won’t leave you until your as stiff as Izzy left you in Miami!!!"

When Hill's Instagram post was published, fans immediately jumped in to defend Pereira and the stoppage and wondered why Hill had waited nearly two months to react to the loss.

The fans are the only ones confused by the comments. Pereira is also wondering. “To be honest, I don’t get why he’s doing this so late,” Pereira told Fox Sports Australia through an interpreter. “It’s been almost two months. People usually do that right away, but maybe he just woke up from the knockout.”

Alex Pereira responds to Jamahal Hill's delayed UFC 300 criticism

“You reap what you sow,” he continued citing the pre-fight trash talk Hill engaged in prior to their April 13 showdown. “It’s kind of like you harvest what you seed. During Glover’s fight, he was respectful. Glover, he got respect at the end. With us, he was a bit more disrespectful – so he got what he put on.”

Hill will be stepping back into the Octagon when he faces Carlos Ulberg as the co-main event at UFC 303 later this month. He was initially slated to fight Khalil Rountree but Rountree was forced out of the fight due to ingesting a tainted supplement. He was suspended for three months.

Pereira is not currently booked for a fight at the moment but some have wondered if he might move to heavyweight to try to capture a third UFC title. Some have thought he might rematch Jiří Procházka. We just don't know what the champ's next move is quite yet.


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