A breakdown of the cringy things Conor McGregor did on Saturday night (Video)

Conor McGregor had a blast at the Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius fight but not everything he did went over well with the fans.
Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua
Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua / Mark Robinson/GettyImages

On Saturday night former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor made a cameo at the Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius fight and, for the most part, behaved himself. At least by McGregor standards.

But, even though there were no sexual assaults, drunken brawls or driving issues, there were plenty of moments where MMA fans were embarrassed for him.

Here's a few of the cringiest moments.

Conor McGregor called out KSI for a boxing fight

We guess McGregor has run out of names to call out.

“Greatness don’t rush... big congrats to AJ, big congrats to Eddie [Hearn]” McGregor said, acknowledging the result, before turning his attentions elsewhere. I know your mate KSI is in the crowd and he couldn’t box eggs if he worked in an egg-boxing factory. If he wants to get in here, I’ll give him a final yoke, bare-knuckle if you want.”

KSI responded to the call-out saying, "Lmao just seen this. Jake Paul must be crying that I’ve got Conor on my d*** already and I didn’t even have to fight an mma fighter."

Conor McGregor endorsed Dillion Danis for his upcoming fight against Logan Paul

We guess it's not too surprising that after all these years McGregor is still supporting (and training with) Dillon Danis.

“Dillon will win, for sure,” McGregor said. “They’re already backtracking, they’re walking out on it. I’ve known Dillon for years, trained with him many times, helped him. I’m guiding him. I’m training him for this, and I guarantee a win."

“I hope the lad shows up. He tried to put a bill on us if we don’t show up – we’re going to put a bill on him if he doesn’t show up.”

Conor McGregor was drunk shadow boxing ringside

This one requires no explanation really.

Conor McGregor forced Anthony Joshua to drink his beer after he won

He looked thrilled to be force fed a warm beer after fighting for seven rounds.

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