5 times Alex Pereira hilariously showed absolutely zero emotion

Alex Pereira's deadpan stone face is iconic in the MMA scene. Here are five examples of that famous face.

Alex Pereira
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When Alex Pereira's sons pranked him

Speaking of his sons, they once dared to prank Alex Pereira and almost got punched instead.

In a video shared by the fighter himself, the two brothers were seen making a futile attempt to jump-scare their father. One of them hid behind a wall dressed as an alien in a greyish-black costume, while the other stood upstairs filming the scene. Both waited for Pereira to enter the home and probably expected him to get startled when he saw them.

Instead, Pereira's immediate reaction was to raise his right hand to punch who he thought was an intruder but was actually his son in disguise. The other brother had to scream from upstairs to make him stop while the alien cosplayer lay on the ground, a little bit terrified of the imminent hook.

Pereira went on to scold his sons for joking round, hands on hip.

Even though Pereira's demeanor remains as unperturbed as ever, this might be the one instance on this list where he shows the slightest bit of reaction. After all, coming home to someone hiding in the dark is not the best situation to find oneself in.

Pereira's UFC rival-turned-training partner Sean Strickland found himself in a similar situation a few months ago. This time, the intruder was real. He posted about the incident on social media, claiming that an alleged domestic violence perpetrator had sought refuge in his home while drunk. Strickland thought he was there to steal his car and straight-up pointed his gun at the man. He later turned him in to the police, Strickland said.

Pereira fought Strickland at UFC 276 and beat him with a first-round knockout. It set him up for the title shot against Israel Adesanya which he won, followed by a rematch where he lost the belt. Whatever little rivalry they had ahead of the fight was buried later on, as the two trained together at Glover Teixeira's gym in Danbury, Connecticut.