5 times Alex Pereira hilariously showed absolutely zero emotion

Alex Pereira's deadpan stone face is iconic in the MMA scene. Here are five examples of that famous face.

Alex Pereira
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Roller coaster rides with family

Anybody who has ever got on a roller coaster can vouch that it is nearly impossible to do so with a poker face. But what can't Alex Pereira do?

Since he signed with the UFC, there were multiple instances where the Brazilian slugger was spotted riding a roller coaster, but none where he's smiling or showing even the tiniest bit of emotion. One of the pictures of him on a ride went viral because of its, as they say on the internet, "meme potential".

In another video, he remains hilariously stoic as the others yell their lungs out.

At this point, it is easy to wonder if Pereira is doing it on purpose (he probably is).

In most of these videos, Pereira is with his sons and then-girlfriend, Merle Christine. with whom he has since split. There was a fair amount of speculation among fans after the two unfollowed each other and deleted each other's photos on social media in December last year.

Christine was the first to open up on the matter, claiming that they had mutually separated and there was no bad blood. However, Pereira felt differently.

Speaking with Full Send MMA, Pereira claimed that Christine was married when they were together. "I met this person and I believed in her, and I put her inside my house with my family. Eventually, I ended up finding out that she was married," Pereira said via his translator. "I had a conversation with her ex-husband a couple of days ago, put everything in place. I just want to leave this person in the past... I want to delete her from my life."

His two sons, Alessandro Vidal Silva and Lohan Vidal Silva Silva, are from his marriage with his ex-wife. One of them went viral for mocking Israel Adesanya after the latter got knocked out by Pereira in Glory.