5 times Alex Pereira hilariously showed absolutely zero emotion

Alex Pereira's deadpan stone face is iconic in the MMA scene. Here are five examples of that famous face.

Alex Pereira
Alex Pereira / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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UFC champion Alex Pereira is hailed for many things - his decorated kickboxing legacy, an indelible arc in MMA, and that legendary left hook from hell that earned him his nickname "Poatan" (which means stone hand). And yet, what consistently makes him a talking point on social media is his iconic deadpan face. Come rain or shine, there is barely ever a speck of emotion on the Pereira's face.

Pereira's lack of expressions has given rise to a series of memes, comparing him to the Moai emoji resembling the stone statues of Easter Island in Eastern Polynesia. While he doesn't speak of it or address it with words, the two-division UFC champion is well aware of the jokes and often plays along, even going so far as putting one of the stone faces on merch. His stoic sense of humor has added to his already enormous fan following.

Despite joining the UFC at the age of 34 and fighting only seven times to date, Pereira is considered one of the biggest stars on the current roster. His accolades inside the Octagon and his appeal outside of it have earned him the main event spot of UFC 300, the promotion's marquee tercentenary of pay-per-view events. He will face Jamahal Hill on April 13 to defend his light heavyweight belt.

Let's take a look at five instances where Pereira had the perfect poker face on despite the circumstances.