5 things we learned from Dana White's post-fight interview

  • Dana White spoke to the media after UFC 298
  • He spoke about everything from UFC 300, Conor McGregor and more
  • Here are five things we learned from the long presser
UFC President Dana White speaks at a press conference
UFC President Dana White speaks at a press conference / Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Conor McGregor was never an option for UFC 300

One of the top-discussed athletes for UFC 300 was Conor McGregor. The world of MMA awaits the return of the first-ever double champion, and it appears the wait will continue.

McGregor coached season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Michael Chandler but, unlike previous years, the two coaches have not met in the Octagon yet. In late 2023 (literally December 31), McGregor announced that he would face Chandler on June 29 at UFC International Fight Week.

Since then, the timeline for this showdown has been a bit murky, to say the least. At the post-fight press conference, media in attendance asked White whether McGregor was ever an option for UFC 300, to which White promptly answered, "No."

White also went on to share that he was not entirely sure whether McGregor could make a return to the UFC anytime soon, as McGregor is going to be doing promo for the Road House movie. The opportunity is always there but White is not too sure about whether McGregor will return.

3. Dana White also wants to go to Spain, much like Ilia Topuria

Topuria is Georgian and Spanish, and he hopes to be the one to bring the UFC to Spain. In his post-fight interview inside the Octagon, Topuria immediately called for an event to take place in the European nation, and the topic came up once again in the post-fight press conference when White took to the mic.

Much like Topuria, White also wants to go to Spain. White confirmed that the promotion had been looking at Spain but now, with a champion hailing from the nation, that becomes a major possibility.

A member of the media asked whether the UFC would consider the recently-renovated Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, which is home to the Real Madrid Football Club. White engaged in an exchanged with the media asking what the capacity of the stadium was (81,000 just in case you are wondering) and whether it is an indoor or an outdoor stadium.

This led to White being on-board with the idea of the stadium hosting the UFC's arrival to Spain.