5 questions heading into PFL's 2023 season we want the answers to

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5. Will PFL's Super Fight Division deliver?

In 2022 the PFL announced it would be doing a Super Fight Division, which will feature fights with big names (think Kayla Harrison, Jake Paul, etc.) via the pay-per-view model.

According to Boardroom's breakdown, the series is described as:

  • Fighters participating in the Super Fight division will earn 50 percent of event PPV revenues.
  • ESPN will be the division’s national broadcast partner in the United States through 2023, with DAZN carrying events internationally
  • PFL will use its normal weight classes in the Super Fight Division
  • PPV Super Fight Division matches can potentially include any active fighter on the PFL roster. No fighter will be forced to pick between Super Fight and the traditional PFL regular season/postseason competition
  • PFL will stage two PPV Super Fight events starting in 2023, scaling to more PPV events in the following years
  • The division’s roster will consist of a mixture of the PFL’s top-ranked fighters and notable pop culture and entertainment figures like Paul

At press time no Super Fight bouts have been announced. So it leaves one to wonder, if and win it happens ... will they be worth the PPV price?

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