5 of the most hilarious Power Slap highlights

  • Power Slap highlights are typically insane knockouts
  • But not everything has to be so serious
  • Here are five times we just laughed
Power Slap at UFC APEX
Power Slap at UFC APEX / Power Slap
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1. All the screaming

This hilarious exchange took place at Power Slap 6 between Branden Bordeaux and Eddie Brahimir. The first slap came and no one was knocked out, so he screamed. Then another slap came and still no KO. More screaming. It's almost more funny when they don't get knocked out. This one ended in a majority draw.

2. Travis Scott is stunned

So this knockout was not funny. In fact, it was pretty scary and very illegal in the slap fighting world. But rapper Travis Scott's reaction ... now that is comedy.

The comments on this video are gold too.

"Every time i see, i cry laughing again," someone replied. Another person wrote, "I been laughing for 30mins man."