5 more movie remakes Conor McGregor should be a part of

Conor McGregor says he wants to act again, we've given him a few suggestions.
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2. Ghost

I want to see McGregor in a romantic role. I think he could pull it off, especially if there was an element of crime and/or danger involved. That's where the movie Ghost comes in. I could see him being the love interest in a movie like that where he's meant to protect the woman he loves. He could lament about being so strong but unable to defend her himself. It would take some work and a makeover, but I could see it happening.

1. Tombstone

McGregor in a Western? Yes, please. A movie like Tombstone where he plays one in an ensemble cast could be a great next movie for McGregor. He has to work on his accent unless he plays an Irish transplant, which could work. He'd still need to change it up a bit to fit the time period. I can picture him in a long coat, some boots, and a cowboy hat and he'd have to have a handlebar mustache to complete the look.

What movie would you like to see McGregor in?


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