5 more movie remakes Conor McGregor should be a part of

Conor McGregor says he wants to act again, we've given him a few suggestions.
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5. Goodfellas

How amazing would it be to see McGregor in a dramatic role? He could pull off being a hitman or hired muscle of a mob boss. I don't see him being the lead but I could see him being a significant role working for the mob. Goodfellas is just one of the many mob movies he could be in. He'd have to play it straighter than he played Knox, less of an over-the-top personality. But if he could pull it off it could really open him up to a lot more roles.

4. Rambo

Rambo is a bit on the nose, but that's why it would work so well. He's have to be the lead in this one. When we were watching Road House some of the fight scenes gave me Rambo vibes, so he's already got that genre down pat. I could see him rebooting the movie, modernizing it a bit, and absolutely killing the role. Perhaps Sylvester Stallone could even make a cameo.

3. Mrs. Doubtfire

Hear me out. Picture McGregor in a dress as an old lady. Mrs. Doubtfire would be hard to pull off, but the best option for McGregor is a big goofy character. How hilarious would that be? I don't want to see a full remake of the movie, no one should ever touch Robin Williams' iconic role. But I could see a reimaging like Road House was. I would flock to the big screen to see this one on opening night.