5 BMF title questions answered ahead of UFC 291

Everything you need to know about the UFC's BMF title which is on the line at UFC 291.
BMF belt
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The BMF title will be trapped around the waist of a new man come Saturday night, but there are still quite a few fans that are unclear about what the belt really even is.

We don't blame you. It's new and unique, but has kind of a fun story about its origins.

1. What does BMF stand for?

BMF simply stands for “baddest motherf***r." There's not much more to it than that.

The whole thing started when Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal were vying for a fight with each other. After Diaz defeated Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 he called out Masvidal who was on one of the biggest highs of his career.

“There ain’t no gangsters in this game anymore, there ain’t nobody who does it right except me and him," he said in the Octagon while declaring himself the “baddest mother f***er in the game."

From there the phrase caught fire and UFC president Dana White was on board.

“When Nate did his interview that night, he basically said ‘this is for the baddest mother(expletive) in the game,” White said during the UFC 244 press conference. “So, you know, this is one of those fights that, after that interview, started to build a life of its own through the fans and the media. We didn’t seriously start talking about this fight until maybe a couple weeks later in a matchmaking meeting.”