5 of the bloodiest MMA fights in history

  • Not every MMA fight ends in a bloody mess
  • But every now and again a special moment happens and a war takes place
  • If you like that kind of thing, here are five fights to watch
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A lost classic! 🀯 Lauzon and Miller put on a Fight of the Year back in 2012. #UFCEra

Posted by UFC onΒ Friday, May 15, 2020

Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon, UFC 155

Sometimes they say, expect the unexpected. In the case of Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon, even expecting the unexpected was not enough. UFC 155 would go on to live in the UFC history books because of their efforts.

Fans knew what they were getting when Miller and Lauzon would clash. You could make the case that this was when a more well-rounded fighter was born. Both Lauzon and Miller came from traditional BJJ backgrounds, but their striking improved with every camp, to the point where you'd see both guys enjoy the back-and-forth on the feet.

This fight was so epic that Dana White donated the mat to Joe Lauzon for his own museum. There's a popular picture from Lauzon's gym with the mat fully spread out to see just how much blood was lost that night. It is a fight that lives in MMA fans' heads rent-free.

This fight was more epic because of the damage inflicted on both guys. In most examples, it's usually one guy taking most, if not all, the damage. Miller wasted no time in the first round doing what he loves most on the feet, getting into clinch range and throwing some damaging shots. Miller's knees and elbows caused most of the early damage on Lauzon. From that point out, a river of blood flowed from Lauzon's face.

While Lauzon was the victim of far more damage, he was able to get top position in the second round to pay Miller back. This is one of the few examples where both fighters suffered plenty of damage, similar to some of the more iconic fights mentioned earlier. Miller would not let up and did even more damage to Lauzon throughout the fight to lock up a unanimous 29-28 decision win.

UFC 155 would go on to live in the UFC history books because of their efforts. Lauzon and Miller not only took home bonuses that night, but their clash was widely considered the fight of the year in 2012. They were also two of the best examples of how to make money as an MMA fighter without getting the title implications. They fought hard, often, and were exciting, which got them plenty of bonuses throughout their UFC career.

Catch Jim Miller in his upcoming fight against Bobby Green at UFC 300. What a crazy thing to say in 2024.