5 of the bloodiest MMA fights in history

  • Not every MMA fight ends in a bloody mess
  • But every now and again a special moment happens and a war takes place
  • If you like that kind of thing, here are five fights to watch
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Posted by Cage Warriors onΒ Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Nicolas Dalby vs. Ross Houston, Cage Warriors 106

The UFC is the mecca of MMA, but with the growth of the sport, plenty of smaller promotions have made great leaps in terms of popularity and quality of fights. The same promotion that helped find Conor McGregor, Cage Warriors, is also home to one of the more gruesome fights nobody talks about.

Nicolas Dalby is currently a UFC fighter and his durability and cardio are talked about every time he fights. In his fight against Ross Houston, Dalby showed all of that end more.

By the start of the third round, the white Cage Warriors mat had more of a rosy glow to it. There was blood spatter all over the mat. Houston's white shorts were pink. Dalby was slipping while throwing calf kicks to a grounded opponent. It almost seemed like a comedy version of what the bloodiest fight in MMA would look like.

As referee Marc Goddard called a pause in the third round, Houston could barely get to his feet, slipping on the sweat and blood smoothie they created on the ground. He spoke to the medical personnel and said he was not letting this fight go past the third.

Goddard allowed the fight to continue for the remaining three minutes, giving both fighters a chance to finish the fight. The slightly comical, but more worrisome, part of this fight was watching two fighters slip all over the mat. Within a minute of his original decision, Goddard called the fight a no contest as he watched both fighters lose their balance or position due to the condition of the mat.

This is easily a one-of-one moment and there's a good chance that Cage Warriors had to change their entire cage make-up after this fight could not continue due to the slipperiness of the mat. One of the more feel-good moments is watching both fighters celebrate their iconic fight, and even enjoy a beer together later that night.