5 of the bloodiest MMA fights in history

  • Not every MMA fight ends in a bloody mess
  • But every now and again a special moment happens and a war takes place
  • If you like that kind of thing, here are five fights to watch
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MMA is a celebration of martial artists and their disciplines, but it can be brutal.

Whether it's from scar tissue over the years or fresh damage from picture-perfect knees, elbows, or heavy strikes, blood has been spilled in this sport. It's unavoidable. While some fans look for it, others know it's a part of the game.

Violence is a part of the celebration. It can't be helped. If you appreciate the artist and their artistry, then you know the bloodshed comes with the territory. As time flies, you tend to look past that and focus on the fight. There's no better definition of collateral damage, especially when watching fighters who cut easily, like Nate Diaz or Anthony Pettis.

Some fighters, like BJ Penn, are known for having some of the most brutal fights in MMA history. If violence and bloodshed are your thing, a deep dive into Penn's UFC career would be a great start. Despite having a BJJ background, Penn was known for his boxing, use of knees and elbows, and his ground and pound work, especially from back control.

Robbie Lawler is another fighter who comes to mind. He's been in some of the most memorable fights in UFC history, and his fandom comes a lot from his style. If this were a ranking for the most ruthless fighters, Lawler would be fighting for that top stop against anyone in MMA history.

Given the number of fights that fit the bill, digging a little deeper makes a lot of sense to avoid repeating the same fights as everyone else, like Lawler vs. Rory McDonald, or even Antonio Silva and Mark Hunt. Both are must-watches if you have not done so before.

Here's a look at five of the most brutal and bloodiest fights in MMA history that you may not have heard of before.