5 of the biggest MMA misconceptions, explained

The sport of MMA is one of the most popular in the world but still has quite a few misconceptions attached to it. Here are 5 of the biggest, how they came about, and the reality of it all.
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1. MMA is just a brawl

This is one of the biggest myths about MMA, and it has been ingrained since the sport's inception. Many know better but some may still believe that MMA is just a brawl.

Back in 1996, Arizona's Senator John McCain gained significant attention when he labeled MMA as simply "human cockfighting". This has been a recurring notion when it comes to the sport as many view it as simply a sport where there are no rules and everything goes. To be fair, for a while, that is the narrative that was being pushed but those days are gone now.

During the 'Anything Goes' era, the UFC had a poster with a tagline that read, "The most controversial event of the decade" coupled with a bold "There are no rules!" subtext. Now, 30 years since the UFC's inception, the world of MMA is all about rules and trying to avoid controversy.

MMA is sanctioned and goes through a variety of channels to put together the fight cards they aim to deliver. As for the fights, sometimes they are fueled by personal rivalries but these are still handled and controlled to ensure that things do not get out of hand.

The fighters often times have a tremendous amount of respect for themselves and their opponents. The fighters will put on a performance in an attempt to pick up a win, pushing their opponents to their limit but they always ensure to keep to the rules, out of respect for the cage they battle within. If they deviate from the rules, best believe that they will be held accountable.

McCain has changed his tune now and, by giving the sport a chance, others can also see that MMA is quite a captivating and high-level sport. That is definitely more than a brawl would give anyone.

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