5 of the biggest MMA misconceptions, explained

The sport of MMA is one of the most popular in the world but still has quite a few misconceptions attached to it. Here are 5 of the biggest, how they came about, and the reality of it all.
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2. MMA is a man's sport

A major point of debate when it comes to MMA is how women are involved, and this concerns both active participation and viewing. Only a select few actually push this narrative but it is one that sets both the female gender and the sport of MMA back.

For many decades, sports were aligned with males with women who indulge in it frowned upon in society. Fortunately enough, things have changed and females are just as involved in sports as their male counterparts. Unfortunately, there are some who still believe that when it comes to MMA, women should not be involved.

The women in MMA are just as hard-hitting as their male counterparts and can put on exciting shows for fight fans. Some of the most memorable moments in recent MMA history have come from women's fights. Having female fight fans has also diversified the sport, which allows for a broader range of opinions.

As much as many might not want to admit it, women have played an integral role in MMA becoming as popular and globally accepted as it has. The inclusion of women has changed the sport for the better and MMA is certainly not a man's sport.