5 of the best welterweight boxing title fights

What are some of the best fights in the history of the welterweight division? Fansided MMA takes a look at five that standout in the history of the weight class.
Spence Jr v Crawford
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The welterweight division is one of boxing's eight original weight classes. In boxing, welterweight is contested above 140 pounds but no higher than 147 pounds. It is arguably the sport's most prestigious division, along with heavyweight and middleweight.

When it comes to the fighters that have plied their trade at welterweight, it has featured some of the greatest in history. Names such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Thomas Hearns, Ray Leonard, Barney Ross, Kid Gavilan, Emile Griffith, Jose Napoles, and Henry Armstrong have all made welterweight their stomping grounds.

The amount of legitimate all-time great fighters that have fought in the division has made for some of the most significant and memorable battles the sport has witnessed.

5 of the best welterweight title fights in boxing history

Terence Crawford’s recent masterclass performance over Errol Spence Jr. for the undisputed welterweight title has brought mainstream attention back to the sweet science.

Throughout the last decade-plus, with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao reigning at the top of the sport, welterweight has been at the forefront of the combat world's pay-per-view box office. Their long-anticipated bout in May 2015 broke all box office and PPV records.

Welterweight has over a century of history, and with so many outstanding matches throughout the years, there could be a daily rotation of fights one could recommend that have taken place in the division. We'll look at five that any hardcore boxing fan can show to even the most casual of fans to convert them.