5 of the best Russian MMA fighters right now

Russian MMA continues proving its prominence on the global scene with these stars.
Petr Yan
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2. Sergei Pavlovich

UFC heavyweight, Sergei Pavlovich was born in the rural region of Orlovskii, Russia. He got his combat sports start in Greco Roman wrestling as a child.

Through his grappling base, Pavlovich has kept most of his fights standing and has finished 15 of his 18 wins by knockout. His Ape index, a statistic measuring an individual's wingspan to height ratio, is the largest in the UFC at +9.0." He exercises his historic reach by launching damaging punches on his opponents.

A UFC title opportunity may soon come Pavlovich's way, as he is the clearest contender after Stipe Miocic gets his opportunity at Jon Jones this November at UFC 295. He also is younger than the current champ and challenger at only 31.